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Indulge your skin in our Deluxe Facial System and receive FREE heart facial cleansing pads with purchase.

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"Our mission is to create products that give you the confidence to be your beautiful self, naturally. Because you deserve the best for your skin and the environment."

Natalie, Founder

  • Sustainable

    We are passionate about minimizing our environmental impact throughout our business operations.

  • Community

    1+% of profits go to local non-profit organizations in our community. We also are passionate about volunteering regularly throughout the year.

  • Encourage

    We want others to feel valuable and special when they interact with our brand, so we use our branding power to lift others up in our community.

  • Plant-Based Ingredients

    Every product contains pure, natural plant-based ingredients. Never any synthetic fragrances, glitters, or preservatives. Great for your skin, good on the planet.

  • Western Youth Network

    Mentorship organization that aims to nurture and empower our children so that they live HEALTHY, ENGAGED and FULFILLED LIVES.

  • Eco-Soap Bank

    EMPLOY WOMEN to RECYCLE SOAP from manufacturers FOR NGOs in the developing world.

    We donate profits and soap scraps to E-SB.

  • Watauga Community Housing Trust

    Provides financial help to local housing agencies that manage the housing for low-income residents at rents they can afford.

  • Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture

    Helps build an equitable, sustainable local food system by supporting producers & cultivating community that educate, inspire, & increase the demand for local food.