Heart Facial Cleansing Pad Crochet Pattern

Heart Facial Cleansing Pad Crochet Pattern

This is a quick and easy pattern and is amazing for use with your favorite makeup remover or with your favorite facial cleanser to gently exfoliate and clean skin.


We recommend using cotton yarn as it is easy to wash and dry and can be used repeatedly. These can be tossed in with your regular clothes and washed and dried. Be aware dyed cotton yarn can bleed so avoid washing colored yarn with whites. These should last many years if allowed to dry in between use! (to avoid bacterial growth and smelling bad)

Crochet Heart Facial Cleansing Pad Pattern


Magic Circle and chain 1, bean stitch: insert hook into the magic circle, pull up a loop, yarn over, insert hook into same stitch, pull up a loop, yarn over, insert hook into same stitch, pull up a look (should have 6 loops on your hook) yarn over and pull through all six loops, chain one to close bean stitch

create 5 more bean stitches

close the magic circle by pulling on the tail of the yarn.

slip stitch to the top of the first bean (chain one that closes the bean stitch)

chain one, bean stitch in the same stitch that you slip stitched into (first bean stitch)

bean stitch all the way around, one in each chain one above the previous bean stitch, and in each stitch in-between each bean stitch for a total of 12 bean stitches

slip stitch to the chain one stitch that completed the first bean stitch in the row.

Chain 2

skip 3 stitches and crochet 7 double crochets in the 4th stitch from the previous row.

in the next 7 stitches, double crochet one stitch in each

in the next stitch, double crochet, treble crochet and double crochet again in the same stitch (8th stitch after the 7 double crochets)

in the next 7 crochet spaces double crochet one in each

in the next stitch (8th stitch after the dc, tc, dc stitch) double crochet 7 times

chain 2

slip stitch to the start of the row

In order to give a really defined heart shape, slip stitch to the bottom of the bean stitch on the second row and pull the yarn tight, slip stitch again to the bottom of the bean stitch in the first row (in the circle)

fasten off, tie the two tails together and weave in the ends


Happy Crocheting! 



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