Lux & Lye: What does it mean?

Lux & Lye: What does it mean?

Our brand is so much more than fancy bars of soap and lip balms. We aim to create a beautiful space for you to be yourself, naturally. We hope to share more of our passion with you, in our brand as a whole. 

Our name Lux & Lye, is short, sweet and on trend but it is so much more than three short words. 


Lux = Luxury + Light

Lux may invoke the sense of luxury for you. Although lux may get confused with luxe, the short form of luxury, lux is measurement of light. For those of us who are nerds it is a unit of illuminance, or luminous flux per unit area (lx for short).

At Lux & Lye we aim to be a source of light in the world through interactions & conversations with our customers and those we interact with in our own personal lives.

We intentionally design our soaps to help add a touch of luxury to the routine of bathing.


Lye = Salt

The Lye in our name is two-fold. Lye is the chemical we use that takes the vegetable oils and water and turns it into our luxurious soaps!

Lye is also an alkaline salt (sodium hydroxide) that is often used in old-fashioned pretzel making (instead of baking soda). It is also the modern, more effective version of the soda ash used in soapmaking for thousands of years (though it takes much longer to cook and doesn't look as pretty, think African black soap).

Just like Lye is the salt that makes our beautiful oils and colors into soap. Salt adds flavor and taste to our favorite dishes and even helps to enhance the sweetness of our favorite desserts. Our goal is for Lux & Lye to add a bit of flavor to your life!

We hope every interaction with Lux & Lye adds a touch of light and salt to your life!

-Natalie, Founder Lux & Lye LLC

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