Pet Essential Oil Safety: How To Protect Your Beloved Pet

Pet Essential Oil Safety: How To Protect Your Beloved Pet

A Word of Caution
A Quick Guide
My favorite oils to recommend

Essential oils are in all the products I make, and for good reason: they are a pure way to add lovely scents and many have been shown to have skin and health benefits (though I won’t make any claims here). Plus, they are much more gentle on the environment when washed down the drain than their synthetic counterpart, fragrance oils.

While I love a good essential oil blend in my natural skincare products, candles, household cleaners, and aromatherapy diffusers, it is also a concern of mine how having so many essential oil scents around the house impacts the health of my pets. After all, what may be relaxing to humans could be dangerous to the bodies of our sweet pets.

A Word of Caution

I would never recommend giving any pet/animal essential oils to ingest, no matter how pure they are. Due to essential oil potency, I would never recommend anyone ingest them.

Likewise, I know some people will place essential oils on the skin/fur of their pet, but I also do not recommend this. If you feel like you need to put essential oils on your pet, please, please talk to a trusted veterinarian before using essential oils on your pet!

If you want to use essential oils in the presence of a pet, make sure they have a way to go to another room without the scent present if it is starting to bother them. Always try to have plenty of ventilation in your home for your sake as well as that of your pet.

A Quick Guide

I have researched what oils are and are not “generally considered” safe for use around different types of animals. I have created an easy visual for y’all to reference to. Feel free to print it out or save it on your device. The oils I have found that are safe for pets are only recommended for use in a misting (heat-less) diffuser. Do not use a heat diffuser, such as a regular wall plugin, as heat breaks down the beneficial properties of essential oils. This list of what is safe for pets does not take into consideration individual pet allergies. Just like humans can be allergic to different plants, so can animals. If your pet is experiencing negative side effects due to the use of EOs, please stop using them immediately and have your pet looked at by their vet.

My Favorite Oils To Recommend

When researching essential oils to purchase, be aware that not all oils are made the same. I highly recommend you be wary of purchasing oils from random places. Certain health food stores do carry decent EO brands, but I honestly say it is better to research the company before buying products from it. If you have not found an essential oil company you love and trust, I recommend looking into Eden’s Garden or Plant Therapy.

Click on the image below to receive a free PDF download of the infographic:

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