Simply Luxurious. Naturally You.

Simply Luxurious. Naturally You.

Our motto for Lux & Lye is: Simply Luxurious. Naturally You. Learn how we use our brand to elevate more than a bar of soap. 

Simply Luxurious.

Simple luxury inspires every one of our products. We custom formulate all our products to care for your skin using plant-based oils & butters. Never any harsh chemicals, fragrances or dyes, so you know your skin (and the environment) are cared for.  

While our ingredients may seem simple, our products are intentionally designed to elevate your daily routine with a touch of luxury.

Naturally You.

We want to encourage all who interact with us that you ARE ENOUGH. We hope to build up those we get to share life together with. We want to encourage people to find beauty in who they are naturally, fancy things or products aren't expected here! We want people to feel beautiful just as they are, with and without makeup on.


With love,

Natalie, Founder Lux & Lye LLC

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