Caring For Your Handcrafted Soaps

The Difference

Handcrafted soaps are such a treat for your skin! Unfortunately, they may not last as long as a commercially made detergent bar if not cared for properly. The good news is there are great tips to ensure your natural soap lasts as long as possible.

Handmade soaps are different from commercial detergent bars in that they do not have harsh chemicals and they still maintain the natural glycerin that forms as a result of the saponification process. This glycerin is great for your skin, but if not properly dried in between uses, the soap will become mushy and dissolve faster. This happens because glycerin is a natural humectant, meaning it draws water from the air to itself. This allows the glycerin the the soap to draw moisture out of the air and onto your skin. However, if the soap remains wet when not in use, water will continue to be drawn to your soap and become more and more mushy, resulting in a bar of soap that lasts much shorter than anticipated. 

How to Make your soap last as long as possible

The great news is you can easily place your soap on a soap saver/dish that allows the excess water from your soap to drain and dry out in between uses. We recommend a bamboo or other wooden, slatted dish. Any soap you are not currently using in the shower or sink, should be stored in a cool, dry place, such as a linen closet. 


As with any soap, it is important to keep it away from eyes, mouth and any other sensitive area. If any soap gets in your eyes, rinse your eyes out with clean, cold water for several minutes. Discontinue use of any soaps/products if irritation occurs. Make sure to check all the ingredients in our products for any potential allergy. Some of our soaps have essential oils that may not be suitable for someone with sensitive skin (citrus, mint, cinnamon, etc.). Some bars of soap may also contain exfoliants such as poppy seeds, sea salt, or botanicals that may be irritating to the skin. When wet, soap can be slippery, so be careful not to step on your soap. Lastly, we know many of our soaps smell naturally delicious, but please do not eat any of our products as they are all for external use only.