Face Soap & Oil Testimonies

  • “I swear by the Facial Oil for Mature Skin! I have rosacea and have tried everything and this product works better than anything else I have tried!”-Lelani

  • “I love the facial soap and oil for Mature Skin!”-Kim

  • “I purchased the set for oily skin and I love it! It has dried out my face enough so that it isn’t oily but also isn’t overly dry, and if I find that it is too dry the oil really helps! My face has pretty much entirely cleared up since I started using it, I love the idea of not using chemicals on my skin anymore!”-Lilly

  • “I use the dry skin soap and the mature skin oil. They both feel great and my skin is soft.”-B

Soap Testimonies

  • “I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the little extras. And how much a little box of Lux & Lye can mean to someone.”
  • “I have enjoyed your Instagram page and all of your Artisanal soaps and beautiful posts! Gorgeous!! Hope you have a safe and joyful holiday!”
  • “Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it. You’re the BEST!! ❤️❤️”
  • “Your soap is the prettiest soap I have ever laid eyes on!”
  • "I love the Lux & Lye soaps! ❤️"
  • "They're so UNIQUE because Natalie Green has personally researched every ingredient that they use in their products. The Tea Tree & Charcoal soap is what I use at night, and the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap is what I use on my face in the mornings now. I don’t need to put lotion on my face anymore." -Hope
  • "This S#!t is amazing! Best soap ever!"-Daniel S. 
  • "Great products and conscientious business owner." -Lauren
  • "The best handcrafted soaps ever!" -Deb

Body Butter & Lip Balm Testimonies

  • "At my age I fight to keep my feet moisturized. I used Natalie’s body butter one time and two days later they were still soft. Thanks Nat!" -Becky
  • "Seriously the BEST lip balm! My boys complain if they can't find the Lux & Lye Lip Balm and they have to use store-bought!"-Katie
  • "I ride motorcycles and struggle with wind-chapped skin. The lip balm protects my lips! I no longer worry about riding in the winter because my lips STAY moisturized!"-John